'We always had so much fun here': Dave Grohl reminisces about Taylor Hawkins at Foo's Chch show
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'We always had so much fun here': Dave Grohl reminisces about Taylor Hawkins at Foo's Chch show

The frontman remembered how he and his mate would just bike around and "get lost".

After tearing it up in Auckland last weekend, the Foo Fighters treated Christchurch fans to an epic show last night. 

By many accounts on social media, it seems like everyone had an absolute blast as Dave Grohl and co. smashed through classics and newer songs. At one point, a group of fans in the mosh started chanting ‘Taylor’, in memory of the band’s drummer that sadly passed away in 2022.

In a TikTok posted by a concertgoer named Zach, Grohl reminisced about his old buddy after encouraging the chanters by gesturing to them to yell louder.

“We always had so much fun down here,” the frontman said of his time in Christchurch with his mate. “We always used to ride bicycles when we were on tour ‘cause Taylor was an avid bicyclist.”

“We would leave the hotel and find these paths and just go get lost - follow the creeks and the rivers until we got outside of the ocean. And then turn around and come back and play a rock and roll show.”

He then began playing ‘Aurora’, adding that it was the “first song we all wrote together with Taylor.”

As well as paying tribute to his departed buddy, Grohl made sure to have a bit of fun with the crowd, too. A TikTok posted by Amy Randle shows Grohl pausing the show because he's been distracted by the smell of fried chicken.

“Every show comes with its own set of challenges,” Grohl said. “No two shows are the same, so when you walk out on stage, you have to anticipate what will happen.”

“And I have to say that tonight’s biggest challenge is the smell of delicious fried food wafting through the air. When I walk off the stage, I’m gonna get a whole fucking fried chicken on the way home.”

The Foos will wrap up the NZ leg of their world tour this Saturday in Wellington. There are still tickets available, which you can nab here. 

Keep an eye out for what the Foos' are wearing while in Welly, as a superfan has made them Taylor Hawkins tribute tees and is on a mish to deliver them.