The top 10 things NZ gals find the grossest in men’s bedrooms, and the one thing they love
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The top 10 things NZ gals find the grossest in men’s bedrooms, and the one thing they love

Mate, sort number 2 out!

From dodgy pillows to dodgier stains, strolling into a potential lover's bedroom only to cop an eyeful of the crookest sight has got single Kiwi women airing their dirty laundry.

Bumble wanted to find out what grosses out our single women the most after a trend of showing off their fellas ‘yellow pillow’ did the rounds late last year.

People were losing it over spotting a yellow-stained pillow in a partner’s bedroom - reckon you've never held on to one for too long? Yeah, nah.

A whopping 72% of single Kiwi ladies would walk the other way after clocking the sight of a crook pillow in their date's den. Bit wild, considering two outta three singles in Aotearoa fessed up to crashing on pillows that haven't seen a wash in over a year.

So, what should ya look out for before having another pair of eyes enter the room?

10. Empty cups and an unmade bed
This combo equals out as the tenth biggest turn-off for the ladies. Imagine the shock horror on their face if they strolled in after a dusty Sunday morning.

9. Kids bedding
Look mate, if you're over the age of 12, what are you doing? It’s a no from 42% of Kiwi women.

8. Single bed
You've gotta have the space for a +1...  At least 41% agree on that one.

7. No bed frame/mattress on the floor
It might be a convenient thing or you simply can't be buggered investing in one. But if that's the case, know almost half of Kiwi women won't be prepared to spend the night.

6. Lube on the bedside table
Look, it's a great creation, but take it from me, Kiwi women don't want to start wondering who else has been using it, ya know?

5. Mirror on the ceiling
55% of women are not keen on copping a bird's eye view.

4. Piles of dirty clothes on/near the bed
Pretty self-explanatory that one, innit?

3. Remnants of food or drink by the bed
I mean, we've all been guilty of this, right? But maybe chuck a load of dishes on for the 56% of singles who'll gag at a dirty cup.

2. Yellow pillow
Can't say we're surprised now, can we? There's just one thing worse that gives Kiwi ladies a crook vibe.

1. Stains on the bedding
A whopping 84% of women are not keen on seeing any sort of leftovers dried into the sheets.

Want to impress your next date? 79% of single Kiwi women say the smell of freshly washed sheets is a turn-on. 

So, strip that stained covered bed and chuck a load on and get the clean linen smell wafting through your place.