‘Un-freakin-real’: The Warriors won NZ’s best sporting moment and fans are reminiscing about it
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‘Un-freakin-real’: The Warriors won NZ’s best sporting moment and fans are reminiscing about it

Watch it here and bask in its glory.

Last night, Warriors fans got to bask in the glory of one of 2023’s greatest rugby league victories. 

The team took home the award for ‘New Zealand’s Favourite Sporting Moment’ at the 61st annual Halberg Awards for their comeback victory over the Cronulla Sharks in round five of the NRL season.

Down 26 - 12 at halftime, the fellas fought back to win the game 32-20 and build momentum for the season that took over New Zealand

Fans all agree: it was a sick moment and deserved to win. 

“It was unfreakinreal,” one person wrote. “I was a maniac. The comeback. The drop goal. Omg.”

“This was the game that showed it was a different year and a different team,” said another. 

“That’s something I will never forget,” a third added. “Such an amazing moment in time.”

“Still my favourite game I’ve seen since 1995,” a day-one fan shared. “Lost my old voice.”

Looking past its importance in just 2023, Warriors CEO Cameron George called it “one of the biggest wins and biggest moments in club history.”

“To come back like that - the determination the side showed - summed up our season overall,” he added. 

As good as reminiscing is, the Warriors 2024 season is just around the corner with their first preseason game going down this Sunday. 

Earlier this week, they unveiled their new heritage jersey for the year and it sold out in just 18 minutes. It is an incredible homage to the team’s original away jersey. 

Features such as the white colour, retro collar and the font on the chest all replicate the 1995 away jersey. Even better is the fact there’s no big corporate sponsorship logo on the front, just the team name. 

The fellas will have a shit-ton more pressure and expectation on them this year, but the award they just won shows they’ve got resilience. Up the Wahs.