Blink 182 Auckland Review: An Angsty, Emo, Immature Paradise!
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Blink 182 Auckland Review: An Angsty, Emo, Immature Paradise!

Thank you to Mark, Tom & Travis for an unforgettable night.
4 March 2024 7:07AM

**Disclaimer: This article contains quite a few f-bombs**

Blink 182 addressed the elephant in the room almost straight away at their Auckland gig. Two weeks out from their Christchurch show, they cancelled, “Unfortunately, the Blink-182 Christchurch performance has been cancelled due to unanticipated logistical issues outside of the band’s control.” Adding salt into the wound Mark Hoppus said this on stage in Australia, “To be honest Sydney sucked so fucking bad we had to cancel Christchurch... Fuck Christchurch.”

One of the first words they said on stage was, “We just came from Australia, and fuck Australia… When we say fuck Australia, we mean to make sweet love and have a good time.” The Auckland crowd picked up what Blink was putting down, and after that, the band moved on. 

The production on the show was so amazingly over-the-top American. There were lasers, an insane amount of lights, confetti after the 2nd song, CO2 cannons reaching the roof of Spark Arena, and a buffet of different indoor pyro. The production was almost as if a 12-year-old kid had stolen the credit card of Blink 182 and just asked for “lots of everything that's cool”. 

That childish nature was on full display by the boys on stage! You can't choose your age, but you can choose your immaturity.  And the Blink 182 concert was about the same level of maturity as you’d find in a U14 Rugby boys' changing room after the coach leaves. 

Blink-182 Auckland

“I went to Taco Bell today, and they didn't have the normal bean burrito, work on that please.” Said Tom Delong before shouting, “Anal.” How appropriate they then played “Edging”. The second verse of that song goes, 

I’m a punk rock kid, I came from hell with a curse

She tried to pray it away, so I fucked her in church

The banter and chemistry on stage was undeniable. They just looked like kids that hadn't grown up, having the best time, with their best mates.

Tom and his cheekiness was fantastic to witness, “Im seeing some hot hot hot beautiful babes on my side of the crowd. Auckland has some of the most beautiful women in the world... Too bad they couldn't be here tonight.”

Later, Mark Hoppus got people to take out their phones and turn the lights on. He paused, gave people time to get their phones out and then said, “Hey Siri text mum, i wanna see your ass, send."

Amongst the silliness, there was a moment of reflection. “Toms had a really rough day, and i just wanna say i love you man, and I'm so happy you're here & giving 110%” said Mark Hoppus. Later in the concert, Mark referenced all of the tragedies that they've overcome to get to this point, and how special it is to be back all together doing what they love. 

A highlight of the show was when the band went emo, “It's the emo part of the show.” Said Mark Hoppus, “I want the angst back, some shitty ass mullet, some super tight jeans you probably borrowed from your girlfriend, with a my chemical romance shirt too. It's not a phase.”

The people on the sound desk for the show need a fucking pay raise by the way. That was the best-sounding indoor concert I've ever been to. Travis on the drums was madness. “You know what I love about Travis… Yeah, everything.” Said Hoppus.

Blink-182 Auckland

The entire show was wild, but the last seven songs were spiritual.

I Miss You
What’s My Age Again
First Date
All The Small Things

Before returning to the stage to play ONE MORE TIME in the encore. 

ONE MORE TIME was accompanied by a montage of videos from the band's early days all the way through to now. A perfect way to end a fucking sensational show. ANAL.

Blink-182 Auckland

Side Note:

I went to the show with one of my best friends. He grew up in Bavaria, Germany. At 20 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer, on his 21st birthday he endured an 8-hour session of chemotherapy. He has this deep appreciation and love for life. It's beautiful and infectious. When he was a teenager in Germany, he started a punk band with his mates, they covered Blink songs and obsessed over the San Diego dudes. That was his first time seeing the band in its original form, and it was perfect. Driving home he said, “All throughout the gig I felt like that 15-year-old boy again. In Bavaria, down at the skatepark, trying to do an Ollie." 

Thank you to Mark, Tom & Travis for an unforgettable night.

Matt Pledger