Dave Grohl debuts a new song he wrote about Josh Homme and it is an absolute tearjerker
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Rock News

Dave Grohl debuts a new song he wrote about Josh Homme and it is an absolute tearjerker

That hug at the end is truly bromantic.

Dave Grohl's bromance with a fellow rockstar has reached another level. At the 'Josh Homme & Friends' benefit event in LA earlier this week, the Foo Fighters frontman debuted a new song about the QOTSA star. 

“When Josh asked me to come out and play tonight, I said, ‘Of course’,” Grohl told the audience. “And then I spent a couple of days trying to figure out like, ‘What the fuck am I gonna play?'”

“So I did something that’s maybe considered really, really uncool,” he said. “But I wrote a song that’s really genuine and earnest about my friend Josh.”

“I thought, ‘I’m gonna write a song about him and embarrass him in front of all of his friends’… by actually singing about how much I fucking love you, man. And I’ve never even sung it out loud,” Grohl added before beginning the song. 

Once the song ended, Homme jumped onstage and gave Grohl a big ol’ hug. Mates. 

The tune wasn’t Grohl’s original plan. He thought about performing a pop song but decided against it and he didn’t wanna play ‘Everlong’ “for the thousandth time”. So, after scrolling through a “great acoustic covers” playlist on Spotify, he decided to make something new. 

The song is a great way to commemorate a friendship that goes way, way back. 

Last year, Homme told NME that “Dave has been one of the longest romances I’ve ever had that’s worked. He’s such a good guy. We go to this place, that I won’t name, just to eat breakfast and waffles and talk about times.”

The two, alongside Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, were part of the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures together. They haven’t released new music since but did play some tunes at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in 2022. 

Hopefully, we can see them make some new music together soon. In the meantime though, I’m gonna rewatch Grohl’s new song and have a little moment.