Steven Adams gives an update on his potentially career-ending knee injury in classic fashion
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Steven Adams gives an update on his potentially career-ending knee injury in classic fashion

He made sure to crack some jokes before revealing what the doctors are saying.

Despite him not playing a single NBA game this season due to a knee injury, the Houston Rockets traded assets to get Steven Adams - he's just that good.

He'll always make headlines as Americans love interviewing him because of his chill demeanor and his fondness for the words 'bro' and 'mate', and the same goes for the Houston media. Steve had his first chat with them and provided plenty of soundbites.

Most importantly, he gave an update on his injured knee that’s kept him off the court. Earlier this week, he said it felt “really, really good” when playing a bitta practice and now said it just needs the ‘yeah g’ from the doc. 

“It’s still there,” he said. “Everything is fine and the next step is to have the green light from the doctors because it's up to the surgeons who operated on me, and the medical staff who I trust to tell me.”

We know he won’t be suiting up until next season, but when that comes, Steve is keen to get back to doing what he does best - moving MFers around. 

“I just like hitting people, bro,” he said when asked about his reputation as the strongest player in the league. “People say it helps, so I’ll keep doing it, mate”

Until that happens, Steve has been getting to know his new home, which he said isn’t that different from the other cities he’s played for: Oklahoma, New Orleans, and Memphis. 

 “It’s good that it’s somewhere like Houston. My whole career I have been somewhat in the middle (of the US), so I’m quite familiar with the place.”

“I’m trying to get amongst the people, so we’ll see what it’s like,” he added. “I went to the mall yesterday, and that was cool.”

“There were lots of people there, and they were surprised – ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ ‘I play for you guys, now.’ So, it was good stuff.”

It’s great to hear Stevey has a positive attitude despite riding the bench for the whole year. We cannot wait until he’s back hooping.