What's it like to catch KFC’s Gravy Train to Eden Park? Public transport never tasted so good
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What's it like to catch KFC’s Gravy Train to Eden Park? Public transport never tasted so good

Bottomless popcorn chicken helps, but there was more to it.

It's a Friday night and Carlos Spencer dressed as the KFC colonel just gave me my third popcorn chicken snack box as we're on the way to a Blues game. 

Every passenger on the packed ‘KFC Gravy Train’ is experiencing the same. Free with a ticket to the game, it departs from Britomart Station an hour before the Blues kick off their blowout Super Rugby victory against Western Force. 

We walk into the carriages covered inside and out with KFC branding and are greeted by Colonel Carlos. KFC ‘Wingers’ are strolling up and down the train holding trays piled up with snack boxes.

KFC's Gravy Train.
Bottomless popcorn chicken, Carlos Spencer and a rowdy crowd.
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We sit, let out a few cheers and are handed one. Then another. And a third near the end for good measure. It's not the best KFC I’ve ever had, not 100% hot and crispy, but it’s hard not to enjoy free kai, especially when you’re surrounded by other people eating the same, laughing and getting hyped. 

Carlos puts on an absolute show. Stumbling through the moving train dressed in the iconic colonel get-up, smiling at passengers and giggling at himself. Before we reach our destination, he runs down the aisle and hands out KFC vouchers to every other row of seats. What a guy. 

For the first time,  I am sad to get off a train. A cheeky ‘Up The Wahs’ from the doorman and wearing the special edition Blues x KFC beanies we got given on the train cheers me up. Fan culture for a Super Rugby team in the year 2024?!

Once we're off the train and in our Eden Park seats, the Blues and the stadium crew go all out. The pregame hype video and player intros are truly awesome and the small crowd is involved thanks to the PA announcer. 

With Wahs' fever pushing rugby union down the NZ fandom ladder, you forget that rugby union is a fun game, especially when you're fed and surrounded by people you just spent a train ride with. 

The Gravy Train is as good of an excuse as any to head to a Super Rugby match and be reminded of that.