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LISTEN: Someone’s managed to turn Alice in Chains ‘Dirt’ album darker and heavier than ever

A YouTuber has drop B tuned the whole album, making it sound even heavier than before.

Someone on the internet has re-imagined Alice in Chains iconic 1992 album Dirt to make it even darker and heavier - have a listen above.

A YouTube channel by the name ‘And Tuning For All’ has offered their own take on the grunge legends’ album, uploading it in full to the platform, but with a drop B tuning twist resulting in a darker sound. 

Drop B tuning involves tuning the guitar strings in a lower range, reducing the pitch of the notes and resulting in a heavier, more powerful tone.

Alice in Chains mostly leaned on heavy drop D tuned guitars for Dirt, so you can certainly notice the more intense, weighty sound difference when listening to this version. 

If there’s a particular song on the album you wanna listen to, check out the timestamps of the video below:

Them Bones—0:00
Dam That River—2:30
Rain When I Die—5:39
Down In a Hole—11:42
God Smack—39:3
Iron Gland—43:22
Hate to Feel—44:05
Angry Chair—49:21

People in the comments, for the most part, are loving the fresh take on the album.

One person commented, “Definitely an even darker perspective...and more in my vocal range...has a mesmerising drone effect.”

Another wrote, “I can't even begin to express how refreshing it makes an already great album. Love the different take.”

Others in the comments have pointed out that it sounds like they were listening to the album on their old cassette walkman with the batteries dying - which is also a fair comment. 

And look - I’m a big fan of ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ - and I think we can all agree that Dirt is far from broken. In my opinion, it’s perfect the way it is. But whether you love it or hate it - it’s pretty interesting to hear a more intense, brooding side of some of the familiar and iconic songs. 

It sure beats the Mariah Carey x Metallica mashup that does the rounds on the internet every year. 

If you did enjoy the reimagined Dirt album, you might wanna check out the rest of ‘And Tuning For All’s channel. He’s also played around with the tuning for songs by Metallica, Slayer, Soundgarden, Megadeth and more.