Mike King thanks The Rock after NZ Gov overdelivers on $5 million promise to Gumboot Friday
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Mike King thanks The Rock after NZ Gov overdelivers on $5 million promise to Gumboot Friday

"There is only one group that I would like to thank - The Morning Rumble."

Remember late last year when Chris Luxon dropped into The Rock and asked us to hold him accountable for improving mental health support in New Zealand? 

Well, it looks like he's taking steps in the right direction. The coalition government just confirmed a $24 million budget over four years for the I Am Hope initiative Gumboot Friday.

Posting to the I Am Hope Instagram, Mike sent a special thank you to our own Morning Rumble’s Bryce, Rog, Mulls and Mel.

“This is the only post I’ll be sharing in regards to the $24 million given to us… There is only one group that I would like to thank, I want to thank The Morning Rumble,” he began.

“None of this would have been possible without you guys. You are the unsung heroes of this conversation.”

“You are the ones who pushed the hardest, you are the ones who have worked the hardest and without this none of it would have been possible,” Mike added. “I love you guys so much and the listeners so much.”

“The key to life is hope and you guys are the hope,” he finished.

Deputy PM Winston Peters and Mental Health Minister Matt Doocey dropped the news, saying this budget will provide free mental health support and counselling services for thousands more young Kiwis aged 5 to 25.

“We know that Government alone cannot address the mental health challenges faced across the country alone, and that is why we are proud to be partnering with a long-standing and proven organisation that addresses the needs of our communities on the ground,” Peters said.

At today’s announcement, Mike King promised, “every single cent” will go “directly to counsellors.”

“This is about the kids and with that money we can deliver 160,000 free counselling sessions to young New Zealanders who need it.”

They’re also onboarding another 300 counsellors from diverse backgrounds, adding to their current 550 support workers.

Last October, Luxon promised $5 million to the initiative—how about bumping that up to $6 million per year?

We all know New Zealand's mental health sector is sorely in need of more cash and more support, so here's hoping this'll be the start of some well-overdue positive change.