Video shows two 'legendary' blokes rush to help Kiwi kid after a rough fall on solo bike ride
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Video shows two 'legendary' blokes rush to help Kiwi kid after a rough fall on solo bike ride

"The way they approached him is one of the most incredible components of human nature.”

The kindness of a couple of blokes didn’t slip past a Kiwi dad whose son had a bit of a rough tumble biking in Christchurch.

Last Sunday, young Flynny Townshend took off on his own at the Christchurch Adventure Park biking track, pumped to try out his new GoPro Max—a massive deal for his old man Josh to let him go solo.

In the video Josh posted on Instagram, two fellas who were biking nearby quickly jumped in to check on Flynny.

“They checked multiple times to see if he was injured, reassured him and sat with him until he felt better,” Josh captioned the video, keen to find out the identity of the good samaritans. 

“They made an effort to relate to him, asking him about where he had been riding, moving his bike out of the way and confirming again with him what had happened. 

Once he had recovered they offered to help him up and suggested he called it a day before making sure the path was clear for him to get back to his bike.”

SOURCE: @townshendjosh on Instagram

The kindness of these strangers deeply touched Josh, who later found out the men were named Jono and Aaron. “This video effectively brought me to tears," he wrote. 

"Not only is it hard seeing your child alone and upset, but the concern of complete strangers and the way they approached him is one of the most incredible, heartwarming components of human nature.”

He’s chatted with two guys since then, giving them a huge shout-out for their help.

Jono even dropped a comment on the video, saying he's "glad to hear Flynn is doing okay".

"These things do happen on the trail from time to time, and many of us, including myself, have been fortunate to receive help from the community over the years, he wrote.

SOURCE: @townshendjosh on Instagram

Others jumped in to comment on Instagram, with one user saying: “There are legends out there & people who genuinely care!🏆🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻”

“Bloody champions. What gentlemen,” added another.

Josh later acknowledged it was hard for him as a parent to give Flynny the “freedom to make [his] own decisions in an independent, moderate-risk situation like this.”

It's awesome to see such a top-notch response to the kindness of these two legends.