Taika Waititi and Ardie Savea bumping into each other in a Japanese gym is peak NZ
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'Wassup man?!': Taika Waititi running into Ardie Savea in a Japanese gym is full Kiwi goodness

Ardie's choice of workout gear makes it even better.

One of the best things that can happen when you're a Kiwi overseas is running into a mate from home where you least expect it. 

Taika Waititi just shared one of those classic run-ins with his 3 million Instagram followers, documenting the moment he and All Black Ardie Savea found themselves in the same Tokyo gym. 

"Just hanging out in Tokyo, doing my workout as I always do…you never know who you're gonna bump into…" Taika told the camera, before swinging it round to reveal Ardie wearing a Warriors jersey. 

"Hey man," he laughed, as Taika chimed in with a "wassup man?!" 

Of course, Ardie had to hit a "cheehoo!" before the clip ended with both of them cracking up, and we can only assume they then headed off to grab a protein shake together or something. 

Ardie has been in Japan on sabbatical playing league for the Kobelco Kobe Steelers, and it's not totally clear what Taika is doing in Tokyo, but some fans reckon he's working on his planned film 'Akira', based on the Japanese Manga of the same name. 

Whatever brought them together, people are loving it. 

"Two Kiwi legends casually hanging out in Tokyo AND rocking the Wahs jersey. Trifecta of greatness in one reel," one comment read. 

"Chur bro… nothing lost in translation there," said another. 

"That's some international good feel bumps right there," wrote a third. 

Up the Wahs and up all the talented Kiwis putting NZ on the map.