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Watch Wolfgang Van Halen play ‘Eruption’ alongside Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters and Wolfgang Van Halen played a 'prank' on the crowd.

Wolfgang Van Halen joined Foo Fighters for their headlining set at Welcome to Rockville over the weekend, performing cuts of Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ and ‘Hot for Teacher.’

About halfway through the Foos set, Dave Grohl announced to the crowd: “You know who never gets a fkn [guitar] solo? Me, goddammit, I never get a fkn solo!”

“So, since this is the last fkn night of our [US] tour, I’m gonna do a fkn solo. How about that?” Grohl continued.

“... You may think, ‘That guy can’t play a fkn’ solo.’ You wanna see me do a guitar solo right now?” to which the crowd erupted.

Grohl then appeared to effortlessly rip into Van Halen’s iconic ‘Eruption’ guitar solo, before lifting his arms in the air while the solo keeps playing. The cameras then cut to Wolfgang Van Halen to reveal that he’s the one playing his dad’s intricate solo backstage. 

“Dude, I told you to keep that cool, Wolfie! What the fk you doin’ right now?” Said Grohl, before adding, “everybody, give it up for fkn Wolfgang Van Halen right now!”

Wolfgang then launched into a bit of ‘Hot for Teacher’, with Grohl adding, “that part was not planned.”

Following the Wolfgang Van Halen guitar solo ‘prank,’ Foo Fighters began to play their tune ‘My Hero,’ which Grohl dedicated to Wolfgang and his late, great Dad Eddie Van Halen.

“Since Wolfie fkn took all that time to pull off that joke with us, I’m gonna dedicate this one to him… Let’s sing this one for him, and let’s sing it for his fkn dad too” Grohl said as he began to play the tune.

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