Jim's "Make It Clink" video for National Crate Day

national crate day 28/11/2018

With National Crate Day only days away, Jim thought he'd put together a nice little safety message video to make sure you don't blow out and act like a dick on the big day.

Introducing - 'Make It Clink', Jim's spin on the well known NZ Police "Make It Click" seatbelt safety video.

We don't want to sound like a punishing parent, but if you are partaking in National Crate Day this Saturday - have fun. Get amongst. But don't be a dick. Don't get out of control, or become a nuisance to your neighbours or the public. And look after your mates. If one of them looks a bit worse for wear, trade the big bot for a big water and tell em to take it easy. Be a good mate.

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