Jim presents: Billy The Dilly: Episode 1 - Billy's first day interning at The Rock

Vids 10/12/2019

Before you ask "why?" - here's the context.

Unsurprisingly, Jim wasn't doing much in the office (except punish everyone). Like, all year long.

So he was told by the boss to "do something useful with his time". 

He then came back with this - a video series called "Billy The Dilly", which follows a an adult sex toy's journey working in radio as an intern. We shit you not.

To give Jim credit (and to seperate ourselves from this) - this is 100% all Jim's work. He wrote, shot, directed and edited everything you see here.

There are at least 2 more episodes to come (no pun intended), so if you like the above, then come back in a few days to see the follow up episodes.

Well done, Jim?