Jim Cawthorn Presents: The F*ck Up Files Podcast

G'day, this be Jim here.

To prove to bossman Brad (and everyone else in The Rock office) that I do more than sweet F-A round this place, I've decided to put together a podcast called:  The F*ck Up Files.

They say it's always good to play to your strengths, and screwing up seems to be something I do well.  So I present to you a podcast sharing tonnes of stories of all the f*ck ups that's happened throughout my 33 years of life.

Producer Ryan joins me as well (mainly to push all the buttons) as well as a new guest each week.

For those that are feeling down and out about certain blowouts that's happened in your own life, consider this your fortnightly therapy session.  As this podcast will help you realise: it could be so much worse.

The F*ck Up Files.  Available on rova now.

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