Poo Towns of NZ - Whanganui

Poo Towns 01/02/2019

Really on fire this year for Poo Towns of NZ, a heap of feedback for Whanganui on Facebook this week.

Also quite a few comments as per about the ol' drug consumption but as per Jezza thought he'd leave that out.

A real belter this one, grab some mates and have a sing using the lyrics below - 


Have you heard of a town, where the river’s quite brown

But watch out when it rains, so much flooding around

Kowhai Park has a slide, smells like somebody died

There’s a whale there too, you can get drunk inside



Or is it Wanga-wanga-nui?

Why does it always do this to me?

Its Wanga -Hwanga-Whanganui!


Cooks Garden Velodrome, there’s people getting stoned

And the Machete Clan, rap group are quite well known

Castle Cliff don’t you know, is kind of a ghetto

It’s quite flash up the hill, by the beach it’s not so