Brad the boss finds out Jim spent $600 work allowance on non-work related things in Chicago

Rock Drive 15/04/2019

Jim Cawthorn a.k.a. The Hairy Chainsaw was sent to 'murca this week, along with producer Jack, to cover the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. 

Things were running smoothly for them until we received a call today that sounded like a cry for help--Jim has spent his work allowance on non-work related things such as a basketball game in Milwaukee and even pulled producer Jack to come watch with him. 

Now they have no idea what to do. There's no more allowance left to fly back to Auckland after the event because Big Cheese Brad won't pay for him and Jack:

You well and truly knew the rules before you buggered off to Chicago. You were getting paid an exact $69.50 per diem on a daily basis. So however you think that it going to work, then that is your budget. Anything above that is your cost and your cost entirely.

Poor buggers. Someone come rescue these schmucks from Chicago ASAP.