Poo Towns of NZ - Auckland

Poo Towns 07/04/2019

It's the biggest Poo Towns we've done yet! And Jeremy even had to cut out some of the song.

Most people in NZ love to hate this place, and the facebook post for this one went off.

Get around this one and if you want to sing along to this Auckland tune you can find the lyrics below - 


It’s a place full of beaches that you can’t swim

When it rains they just fill up with poos

And professional sports teams they go there to die

The Warriors, Kings, and The Blues

There’s an overpriced fish shop in Mission Bay

A snapper costs you 19 bucks

And there’s loads of lime scooters

And house wives with poodles

And traffic that totally sucks

O-wairaka, Windsor Park

New Lynn, and Manurewa


Sing us a song when you’re in Auckland

Stuck at the traffic lights

The Shore girls in town are a real sure thing

If you see them out on Friday night



K Road is a place where for 20 bucks

You could get love from a mouth

Road works never ending, and JAFA’s a-plenty

And so many stabbings down south

And the Foo Fighters show made an earthquake once

It’s like all the good concerts go there

And drinks are so dear in the Viaduct

20 bucks just for a glass of beer

O-tahuhu, Hillsborough

Mangere and Pakuranga


Sing us a song when you’re in Auckland

On another T3 lane tonight

Well we’re all in the mood for a chai latte

A Long Black or maybe Flat White



On the North Shore alone there are 12 Beach Roads

And 12 Lake Rds, but there’s just one lake

And you wait for a bus to go just up the road

It’s a pity it’s 3 hours late

And there’s cyc-a-lists down on Tamaki Drive

And they’re holding up all of the cars

And it’s humid as hell

High priced houses as well

So half of them move to Tauranga

O-tara, Remuera

Glenfield, Howick, and West Harbour


Sing us a song when you’re in Auckland

When you look at No Tree Hill tonight

And the Ponsonby Mums show you everything

Cos their Active Wear is really tight