Poo Towns of NZ - Gore

Poo Towns 29/04/2019

Back in February the boys spent a big week with the wonderful people of Gore.

This Poo Towns song celebrates all the best parts about this town in the deep south!


Lyrics below - 


So many hair dressers, too many around

There’s country and western, all over the town

Home of Justin Marshall and Jimmy Cowan

The Mataura River – a great place for a swim



You can hunt and fish

When you’re in Gore Gore Gore 

You can taste some moonshine

Down in Gore Gore Gore Gore 

Statue of a trout

In Gore Gore Gore 

And you might never get out

You’re in Gore Gore Gore

Gore Gore Gore


Dolamore Park’s a great place, to drink your DB

Flemings used to make Rolled Oats, at the big factory

Art gallery called – the Goregennhiem

The women are Gore-geous – if they’re hairy that’s fine



Curling and Ice Skating

To do in Gore Gore Gore 

Bogans drive their wags

Around Gore Gore Gore 

Mikey Havoc and Newsboy

Called it Gay Old Gore

RSA has a mural

Check it out in Gore

Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore

12 thousand 500

Live in Gore

Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore

Seargant Dan statue

And lots more

Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore