Poo towns of NZ - Ngaruawahia

Rock Drive 26/07/2019

Some Bruce Springsteen for ya, Ngaruawahia! Producer Jeremy's best one (yet)


There’s a great RSA on Market St in town

And the Panthers league team is the best team around

You can buy a good house for under two hundred K

There’s not much traffic since the expressway

On the streets of Ngaruawahia


The Hakarimatas has a whole lot of stairs

There’s great bakeries, cafes, and takeaways there

The Tribal Huk gang said they’d get rid of P

Jamie Pink and the lads make kids lunches for free

On the streets of Ngaruawahia


Prince Charles and Camilla visited the Marae

The golf course is quality

(pause) The GAS gas station offer Mrs Macs Pies

But they never seem to have any


Jump off the train bridge when you go for a swim

Normy Mcintosh was a police constable

Jonny Chewing gum is chewing that recycled gum

Gets it from under tables at one or two pubs

On the streets of Ngaruawahia