Poo Towns of NZ - Kerikeri

Rock Drive 09/08/2019

Producer Jeremy with the Kerikeri version of Van Halen's 'You Really Got Me'. Enjoy!


A town that’s full of old people
There’s villages full of the retired
Two–lane roundabout in town
At 5pm the worst place to drive
A secret little nudist place
Called Bush Oasis that you can find
And one way streets that don’t quite work
Drive backwards down them all of the time
In Kerikeri  x 3

Oranges and kiwifruit
And avocados grow around town
Pot and Magic Mushrooms too
The Homestead is the worst pub around
Oldest building in NZ
The building that is called the Stone Store
They’re getting stoned at the Stone Store
A pub called Rangi’s is there no more
In Kerikeri x 3

In Maori, this place is called “Dig Dig”
Even they knew that it was a hole
At Inlet Rd it smells like poo
So many people there on the dole
The fudge shop it is called Get Fudged
And Charlie’s Swimming Hole is quite cool
There’s buckeys down at Fairy Pools
A ginger ran nude through the high school
In Kerikeri x 3