Poo Towns of NZ - Picton

Rock Drive 27/03/2020

This one is for those at the top of the south!



Lyrics - 


There’s an Irish bar called Seamus

It’s the best outside Ireland

And the country’s best Pad Thai

Is at the Thai Panda

The playground there is freaky

When you’re tripping on some acid

And the mini golf is awesome

It’s on Auckland St


There’s a place that’s called Crow’s Tavern

And it’s always full of lots of old men

Moaning ‘bout young people

And the second hand store closed down


When you visit the train station

You can also get some Subway

Tourists drive the wrong direction

Round Nelson Square in town


Marina Mall’s a camp ground

Very popular in summer

There’s a great walk round Snout Point

And The Jolly Roger Pub


You can get a bad infection

From a scratch when you play rugby

Because the old town rugby ground.

Is on Picton’s old town dump.


You get the boat into Picton

Where the population

Quadruples in summer

Have a beer at Oxley’s Pub


And the kids at the high school

Try to hide from the teachers

When they’re on the far side of the field

That’s where the smoking’s done


Picton Bakery - gets a mention for their good pies

Jump in the Marina

Off the old coat hanger bridge


The old Toot and Whistle

Is called Cockles Bar now

It’s where people from Blenheim

Go to “Get Out Of Town”


And there’s always people parking

In the middle of the road yes

Thinking it’s loading zone

To get your caffeine fix


And the town’s biggest attraction

Is the tiny train ride for you

It’ll cost you 20 cents

But you can ride the small yachts too


You get the boat into Picton

Top of South Island

Kentucky takeaways

Have the best strawberry shakes


And yes the town’s so tiny

That you gotta ask on Tinder

Are you sure we’re not related?

But there’s still sweet love to make