Poo Towns of NZ - Te Kuiti

Rock Drive 24/04/2020

This is for all those who live or have spent a fair amount of time in the town of Te Kuiti!


Lyrics - 


There’s a topless cyclist riding around on the main road

And the folks around call him Rambo

There’s a local park that got overrun with stray cats

Why’s there so much Horse Poo though?


Te Kuiti - Te Kuiti

Somebody stole the sides of the Covid testing tent

There’s a Running of the Sheep, not many sheep but always heaps

Of fecal matter from the sheep

In Te Kuiti


There was a guy there selling Hangi for 5 buck on Thursdays,

You could grab a bag at the same time

There’s an 8 foot statue of Colin Meads

And unusually high crime


There’s a bakery

With some pastries

Elvis is the guy whose sausage rolls are so tasty


And at The Queen St Dairy - Fried chicken good as KFC

And there’s a famous sheep called Steve - in Te Kuiti


A teacher at the High school was a bit emotional

The kids often made that guy cry

And the trucks are braking in the early morning

Keeping people up all night


Te Kuiti - Te Kuiti

There is a giant shearing statue

And gang members

The King Country

Was good at rugby

Now they just play the Heartland champs

In Te Kuiti