Poo Towns - Whakatane

Rock Drive 11/05/2019

Here you go Whakatane!


Lyrics -


One town – in the Bay of Plenty

Yes I’m talking – about Whakatane

It’s place that you cannot say hoe down

Cos it means your sis on the ground

That town – You can go with your friends

Where shoplifting’s an Olympic event

It’s more awkward than when you try to say

Whakapapa not a Tane


You know I’m talking about Whakatane

So many coffee shops in Whakatane

It’s hard to find a park

It’s not great after dark

You might need to see a loan shark


You know the loan shark in Whakatane

There’s lots of tinnys there in Whakatane

Restaurant’s really stink

And your eye might go pink

But it’s a pretty sweet place to drink


Each house, has a boat that gets used

Only one time, through the year, no not two

And John Campbell - had to tell some Aussies

How the name’s okay for TV


Big flood, in 2004

And an airport, that is quite an eyesore

Lindy Chamber-lain was born there you see

And a dingo stole her baby


And Lisa Carrington’s from Whakatane

And Trident High School is in Whakatane

They don’t make noodles though

Other stuff that they grow

And the postcode’s 3-1-2-0


Margaret Mahy is from Whakatane

You might see Tama Iti - Whakatane

Best brothel in the bay

And the standard’s okay

And it’s called Whaka-wahine