Poo Towns - Putaruru

Rock Drive 13/05/2019

Lyrics - 


When you live in a town

A town whose name start’s with Pu

Have a fish bun from Ma Baker’s

When there’s not much to do

When you’re hammered

BP has Oxford Pies


883 is the area code there

And there’s Pump Water too


There’s sawmills and timber museums

And they drink Wa-ka-tu



There’s the Hog and Hounds bar

And some cheese that they called Over The Moon

The Trough is a filthy place to drink a beer or two

Water fountain – full of bubbles and flies



There’s retirement homes by the dozen

Lots of barber shops too


Fish and chip shop

Has great cheesy mayo

And there’s banks but just two


Hidden gem

Of the Southern Waikato

But a bit pukaru


Gareth Morgan

And Grant Fox are from there

And Wayne Smith’s from there too