Pieter's Close Call With A Great White
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Pieter's incredible close call cage diving with a great white shark

And no, he did not scream once.
21 September 2022 10:43AM

Surf mad South African Pieter Boshoff joined Jay and Dunc for one of the wildest near-misses you'll hear about.

In the early days of cage diving with sharks, Pieter found himself stuck between a shark and the water's surface thanks to the great white lodging itself between the bars of the cage.

Watch the Discovery Channel's dramatisation of what happened below - and then check out our yarn with the man himself up top.

'So cage diving is like in its infancy stage at that stage,' Pieter said. 'I think they said, come and dive for free. We just want the footage to use for our websites and stuff.'

'There was a National Geographic film crew the week before us there, so they cut the vertical bars out to accommodate the big cameras and they never welded it back. Lazy b*stards.'

'It was a female shark. She was a good four, five foot big. She is big enough to rock that cage from side to side.'

The shark actually ended up helping him to escape, giving him a nudge out of the cage before he was pulled out.

'I don't know if she got a second wind or she saw me move, but she actually pushed me out of the cage, thank goodness, not with the teeth but with the side of the head. So she got me out the cage.'

And yes, the shark magnet has been back in the water since, just not often with friends.