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Godfrey, Dwayne Pipe and The Wok: Nicknames Vol 21

Yes we're still going, and yes there's still so many pearlers.
18 October 2022 11:35AM

21 volumes in and we are not slowing down.

This week we hear about Godfrey and his missing digits, The Wok and his non-stick qualities, and Roast Po-toe-toes - a poor bloke who had his feet set on fire in a gas explosion and copped a terrible nickname for it.

Other highlights this week include Feta who always crumbles under pressure, The Platypus who was the boss's son and a protected species, and who could forget Pipe - not because he has a massive downstairs, but because his first names is Dwayne. Dwayne Pipe. Yep.

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