Rock | Steve joins the Mad Dog Club
Rock | Steve joins the Mad Dog Club
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Jay and Dunc

'124 broken bones and 1376 stitches' Meet Steve our funniest and unluckiest Mad Dog

Still trying to figure out if Steve is the most unlucky or actually lucky person we've added to the Mad Dog Club.

When Steve got in touch with the show, we couldn't figure out if he was the luckiest or unluckiest bloke we'd heard from.

And after chatting with him, we still can't decide which side he falls on. 

Our latest addition to the Mad Dog Club, Steve, ran us through his grocery list of injuries, adding up to a total 24 broken bones and 1376 stitches.

First up, Steve told us about how he broke his back in 9 places at the age of 28.

"I was loading in the truck and ol’ mate, decided that he was finished and he drove off and I went under his back wheels". he said.

"but then the boss yelled at him, you're not finished. so he literally backed and ran me over again".

To make it worse, while Steve was in the MRI machine getting his back looked at, he said a car crashed out the front.

"And I got stuck in the MRI machine for like 45 mins, so now I'm claustrophobic as well" he joked.

Moving on to the next set of injuries, Steve took us through a car crash he was in which left half his face 'ripped off'.

"hit a power pole at about 100km and went through the windscreen But the thing was, because I was in shock, I got out of the car and walked 2kms with half me face hanging off and a bone in me leg hanging out the side of me knee".

There was a series of trips to Thailand, each one ending up in an emergency trip home, one with a shattered ankle, another with a broken wrist, and a third with a new wife. Yeah, you read that right.

Out of nowhere Steven then dropped the line 'oh yeah when I broke my neck, I didn't even realise I'd done it" he said.

"Wait..... what? you broke your neck?" said Dunc.

"Oh, playing rugby scrum collapsed and I broke me neck but I just kept playing on and played for six weeks."

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