Here's a shoplifter yarn that'll make ya laugh
"I love catching shoplifters"
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Here's a shoplifting yarn that'll make you laugh

It sure made us laugh.

A Rock listener from 'Straya, Ian Reiner, sent this belter of a yarn int to us that we just had to share on air.

Ian told us about a time he decided to help a store owner stop a shoplifter when he was shopping at the mall with his son. Rather than be a bystander who did nothing, Ian sprung into action (after carefully removing his footwear) in order to save the day and be hailed as a local hero.

Watch the vid above of Dunc retelling the yarn, or read below if that suits ya better.

I'm sitting outside OPSM at Midland Gate waiting for my boy's glasses to be ready. I started to hear an alarm sound getting louder and louder as it's coming towards me.

I see a quite manly female run past clutching two fancy bags with alarm thingies going mental. I stand up thinking to myself, this doesn't seem right. I look left

and I see a lady from the Strand Bag Store coming. I quickly go to her, "are those bags stolen?" She goes, 'yep'. By now the shoplifter had exited the shopping center. I said, "don't worry, I got this".

I flick off my slides and I take chase. But in the back of my mind, I'm thinking I should have stretched. And I hope someone doesn't steal my slides.

All I hear is the lady from the bag store yelling out, "don't get hurt!" And I'm thinking, "not on my watch, lady".

I exit the door's still hearing the faint sound the alarm on these bags, but it's getting louder as I get to the end of the car park. I come flying around between two cars where she was crouched down. I say, 'give me the bags back' and she goes "here, have this one" and proceeded to launch one into the air.

I was just about to grab her when she let go of the other bag. She hung around for a few seconds, but then she finally realized there was no use. She was defeated.

I had both bags and I started walking back when the lady from the bag shop came up thanking me because I retrieved both bags.

As those that know me I am not a hugger, but she did not give me a choice. I'm thinking, "Whoa lady, settle down, settle gretal. Leave some room for Jesus. We both walked back into the shop. People are saying, well done and smiling.

I must say, it's been the best day that I've had for a long time. I love catching shoplifters.

That last line gets us - like he's done it before! Good on ya mate.