Josh Homme on NZ
Josh Homme on NZ
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Josh Homme reveals he was ‘frustrated’ QOTSA ‘only went to Auckland’ on their 2017 tour

"I was so frustrated because I love going to Christchurch and Welly too.”

For Kiwis living outside of Auckland, it can be bloody annoying when your favourite band announces they're headed to NZ, only to find you’d have to travel to the big smoke to have any chance of seeing them. 

Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme shares this sentiment - and told us he was "frustrated" that when the band was here on their 2017 Villains tour, they only managed to get to Auckland. 

In an exclusive interview with Rock Drive, Jay asked Homme how likely it was the band would head to little old Aotearoa to tour their new album In Times New Roman, which dropped today (June 16).

“I love going to New Zealand and Australia,” Homme replied.

“When we went, we only went to Auckland one of the times. I was so frustrated because I love going to Christchurch and Welly too.”

He continued: “It’s like – we’re already there, ya know – it feels stupid not to do the whole thing.”

Then Homme really started speaking Jay and Dunc’s language, saying that when the band visits NZ, they like to “get motorcycles going on Piha beach.”

“There’s time to sort of investigate, you know, which is one of the blessings of going Down Under… there’s so much time off that you get a chance to actually roll around and take part in the city.”

“I don’t like to just come in and play and not see anything,” he continued. “That feels like a bit of a waste.”

With In Times New Roman dropping today, and Queens Of The Stone Age recently announcing a UK tour, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that another NZ tour could be on the cards some time soon.

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