Always Wear Underwear in Public
Next time you feel like freeballing it around town, maybe reconsider.
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Why you should always wear underwear in public

Next time you're considering freeballing it around town, maybe keep this in mind.
26 June 2023 9:03AM

Here's a cautionary tale to all testicle owners out there who frequently (or occasionally) decide to ditch the undies and freeball it around town.

The actual news story - a funny and true yarn sent in by one of Jay and Dunc's Snipers, Broden Gordon - describes how one lady got a lot closer than anybody should to their mechanic, mistaking him (and his balls) for her husband's.

Hey look, it happens to the best of us. Well not really, but what else can ya say or do when this shit happens?

Watch it above, or check it out below.