Back boobs, cop visits and stuck undies: More embarrassing kids
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Back boobs, cop visits and stuck undies: More embarrassing kids

Kids are something else eh...
1 August 2023 10:56AM

If you’ve got kids, there’s a huge chance you’ll have at least one story from when they embarrassed you.

It’s inevitable with their developing minds, and Jay and Dunc went on to share some more of our listeners' ones. Have a look below and a read of a couple of our favourites!

'A cop visited kindy to talk about car safety. A kid piped up, 'my dad doesn't wear a seatbelt!'. The cop asked 'did you tell your dad off?'. The kid replied 'I couldn't, he was on the phone!'.

'My neighbor invited the kids over for a swim. My kid asked 'hey mum! Why does he have a bigger willy than dad!'

'We were walking in an undercover carpark and there were lots of people around. My four-year-old son yelled 'Mum, stop! My undies are up my ass!'

'I was at a cafe with my three-year-old son, a guy walked in with a Mike Tyson styled tattoo on the side of his face and sat at the table next to us. My son said in his loudest possible voice, 'WOAH! That man has drawn all over his face. He'll have to wash that off before he goes to bed eh mum!.'

'I was at the supermarket with my niece who is three years old. She was sitting in the fold down seat of the trolley, she points at this lady who - bless her - was fairly obese. My neice asked 'Aunty, why does that lady have boobies on her back!. I was mortified.'

'We were out visiting friends recently and my son was telling everyone that no one cooks at nana and granddad's house anymore since 'nana gapped it.' They asked me what does that mean, where did she go? I had to tell them that she's now dead.'

Unreal stuff.