Stay classy, and a bit bad assy: Living on the Edge 22
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Stay classy, and a bit bad assy: Living on the Edge 22

You lot just looooove to live dangerously.

Living on the Edge has stuck around for another thrilling edition. 

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as we have some truly nail biting stories in this episode of Living on the Edge. Have a read below of what out listeners have been upto recently: 

‘I purchased popcorn at the cinema, didn’t even watch a movie.’

‘Had a screw top bottle of beer, used a bottle opener anyway.’

‘At a local supermarket it said use tongs to grab the pastries, I used my hands.’

‘I recently set off some fireworks and the instructions said, light, then touch paper, and retire. I’m still bloody workin.’

‘The boss said build me a straight driveway, guess who put a curve in it?’

‘The wire came out from one of my bra cups, I wore it anyway.’

‘I press the brew button on the coffee machine before I get the mug out of the cupboard, LOOK OUT.’

‘I keep my toothpaste and deep heat in the same cupboard, on the same shelf.’

If you wanna hear the rest, check out the chaos below!