Dunc is hosting House Rules
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Our own Dunc is the host of NZ's first season of 'House Rules'

Unreal stuff mate!
7 August 2023 6:25PM

Along with putting together a bloody stellar radio show, Rock Drive co-host Dunc Heyde has been working hard behind the scenes on another show - this time on the small screen!

Dunc has just been announced as host of the first New Zealand season of 'House Rules' - a brand new home renovation reality show that's hitting our screens in September.

The basic premise is as follows. Each week, one team will hand over the keys to their home while the other four teams renovate. Without knowing who was responsible for each renovation, the home owners will score their work, with the overall winner scoring $100,000. Sounds pretty bloody awesome to us.

In Dunc's words, 'So essentially everyone gets their house renovated, which is sick, so everyone walks away - even if you lose, you kind of win.'

Rock Drive partner in crime Jay is absolutely stoked for the big herb Dunc.

'This is right in your wheelhouse. You're the guy that spends your weekends bashing tins and bags of other descriptions. You're bashing tins of paint and bags of screws - you are the renovation guy.'

Keep an eye out for House Rules hosted by Dunc next month - all kicks off September 10 on Three.

Go the weekend warrior!