Nicknames 41
It's baaaaaaack.
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John Dory, Netflix & Jurassic Pork: Nicknames Vol 41

13 September 2023 5:20PM


Absolutely mind blowing - and perhaps the most incredible part about reaching 41 of these, Jay reckons the 41st edition is the best yet, and he's got a pretty good case.

Check out the vid up to top to hear about:

John Dory, the bloke with a well-placed mole.

The Flounder, a bloke who doesn't know which way is up.

Sauron, who received the Buck Shelford treatment.

Nickname Redundant, whose parents did him no favours.

Open All Hours, the man with the dryest eyeballs on planet earth.

And plenty more crackers - check them all out up top!

And if those don't scratch the itch, you can check out even more nicknames vids below.