Jay and Dunc shaving reacts
It's always the dumbest things that go viral.
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Jay and Dunc reacting to a bloke unnecessarily shaving goes mega viral

It's always the dumbest things that go off.

Well, would you look at that.

We recently filmed and uploaded a video Jay and Dunc watching a TikTok compilation - of a young bloke shaving his facial hair-less face, which had been stitched with other people's videos highlighting how unneccessary and pointless the act was - which has gone absolute bonkers on socials.

At time of writing this (8am Monday 21 Nov), it had ticked over 13 million views and 580k reacts on Facebook, 15m views on TikTok and a measly 590k views on Insta.

Honestly, it's always the simplest and dumbest content that skyrockets to the top. We could spend days and weeks shooting and editing an elaborate video that we think is unique and hilarious, which gets close to zero views. Then vids like this happen - we give up.

We're not in the game for likes but hey, we're also not above milking a cash cow for all it's worth, so expect a few more Jay and Dunc react vids to pop up in your feeds over the next few weeks.