Thane spends $300 on a dog collar and Dunc finds a new way to stop a dog fight

Thane and Dunc 19/09/2017

Dunc found his two British Bulldogs having a scrap and he wasn't 100% sure how to stop it so why not turn to Google for some advice.

He found himself on this pretty legit website giving him a few options on how to break up a fight. Most of them were pretty standard until he came across the last one which was ahh interesting...

The website told Dunc to stick his finger up the dog's butt! But not sure if that would stop them or want them to kill him instead. 

But let's not focus on that fucked up idea, let's talk about the fact that Thane has a bloody dog trainer and has spent $300 on a god damn collar! Where did you get it? Gucci. 

Have a watch!