If you hate everything wanky about Waiheke Island, then this song is for you

Thane and Dunc 17/11/2017

There are two types of people on Waiheke Island. Rich white people, and hippies. This is a song that takes aim at the first group.

Each week, Thane & Dunc's producer Jeremy writes a song about a poo town of New Zealand, and performs it in studio.

If expensive taxis, expensive weddings, shitty ferry rides and lattes in every meal is something you despise - then you'll love this tune of his.

Sing along:

Woah Waiheke – Bam a lam
It smells like teke – Bam a lam
Expensive taxis
And a lot of weed
There’s heaps of wine
A no sheep shagging sign
Woah Waiheke – Don’t bang a lamb
Seriously - Don’t bang a lamb

Woah Waiheke – bam a lam
Not Hone Heke – bam a lam
It’s full of wankers
They’re mostly Jaffas
No rego for your car
Rip you off in summer
Expensive weddings
Ferry ride’s unsteady

Woah Waiheke
A Latte for Brekkie

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