West Auckland, we held off as long as we could - here's your Poo Towns song

Thane and Dunc 01/12/2017

West Auckland, welcome to your time under the Poo Towns spotlight.

Each week, Thane and Dunc with the help of their Producer Jeremy (and by help, we mean he does all of it) write a song for a town in New Zealand, based off your comments on Facebook.

For weeks we've had people telling us to do West Auckland, and we couldn't put it off any longer. So without further ado, here it is. Enjoy.

Sing along if you like.

When you’re walking ‘round Massey, there’s a sweet smokey haze
Driving down Lincoln Rd, there’s so many takeaways
Lincoln Rd is long
Right through the middle of Henderson

Someone hit my car and drove off - 3am the other day
Ranui is not the safest place to let your children play
If you want to see black clothes and V8s and bikes there’s no better place

Then in Auckland’s West
See a lady with a tattooed breast
The traffic is terrible
Even though they made that big tunnel
Not that it’s a bad thing
But there’s just so many immigrants

And not that this has much to do with the place – but we did get a text that said… I went out 4 dinner on a date - had a dodgey butter chicken and pooed my pants on the taxi ride home she never called me back...

Down in Auckland’s West

Round of applause for Jeremy!

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