Jeremy takes on Shannon in this week's glorious 'Poo Town'

Thane and Dunc 09/02/2018

Unfortunately Facebook thought Shannon was a women and not a wonderful NZ town being lightly roasted by The Rock Drive listeners, so the post was deleted for harassment and our web girl has been temporarily banned from Facebook. Awkward. 

But the Poo Town must go on! So, Jeremy put this glorious piece of song writing together from his own sweet, wee brain.

Lyrics below: 

Oh there’s a town in Horowhenua
Or is it Manawatu
Looks like no one’s claiming you
This town shares a name with a girl that’s true
You can shop Four Square too
Or keep driving through
Cos there’s not much else to do

State Highway 5-7’s concrete
And there aren’t many cops on the beat
There’s used condoms on the street – There in Shannon
Owlcatraz is a bird sanctury
And it never get’s too dark to see
There’s Hydro electricity – that’s near Shannon

Pre twenty-eleven you had a drink
At the Albion Hotel
But then it burnt down and fell
The neighbours don’t care if you make some noise
A death metal band played
In someone’s garage
Till 4am the other day

The population isn’t great
It’s around 15 hundred and 8
It’s not great place for a date – here in Shannon
But the fishing and swimming’s okay
And the locals all have right of way
You might mean two things when you say – I’m in Shannon