Jeremy just dropped the Invercargill Poo Towns track

Poo Towns 27/04/2018

Invercargill's ride on the Poo Towns express has finally arrived. The song is based off Elvis' 'In The Ghetto' and the lyrcis were compiled by our Producer Jeremy from comments written by Rock Drive Facebook fans. 

This is for you Invercargill. 

Take it in, in all its glory above. 

Invercargill Lyrics

It’s a Southland town

There’s an aviary with a lot of birds

But Mick Jagger called it the arsehole of the world


At Waikiwi pub

There’s four dollar Smirnoff’s Thursday nights

And Divaz strip club it goes alright



Burt Munro he was the man

The World’s Fastest Indian

There’s a funpark where you can drive a digger too

The education down here’s free

But the average grade is still a C

There’s a transport and a motorcycle museum, for something to do


Yes there’s quite wide streets – so wide

Harrison Howden went online

Said Aaron Swain is a 6 toed guy



It’s where cousins kiss

And where solo mothers forever breed

And the city mayor’s smoking hydro weed



On Dee St they’re doing car laps

Past E Hayes and Sons

Everyone here is related

Sisters, brothers, Dads and Mums