Wanna be on the radio? Thane's retiring and we're looking for his replacement

job 16/10/2018

Big news in the Rock HQ; ol’ mate Thane Kirby’s retiring from his full time radio career.

Yep, see ya later Kirby.

The man has had both a lucrative and controversial career, filled with many highs and lows. Mostly just a shitload of highs since he joined us at The Rock in January 2017.

From blowing up Dunc's car with dynamite. To finally attending uni in Dunners.  To that one time he worked a full week.

Not to mention, Thane and Dunc taking out the top drive show at the NZ Radio Awards this year. Oh, and his epic search for MH370 in Mauritius, thanks to the generous support of Rock listeners.  

But now, our favourite slippery-tongued shock jock is moving on to live the life in Bali, with his family.

Somehow, we’re not surprised. The cheeky bugger took enough bloody holidays.

That aside, he'll be missed.

But all of this means one thing for YOU. There’s an announcer position vacant.