This weeks Poo Towns of NZ was unbeliev-a-bulls

Poo Towns 13/08/2018

A NZ town full of puns got it's fifteen minutes of fame as last weeks Poo Town of NZ. 

That's right, everyone's favourite farm animal and small rural town Bulls got the treatment this week.

It really is a town like no udder - yeah sorry, couldn't help myself.


Lyrics below -


When you put your rubbish in the bin – now that’s respons-a-bul

If you need to use the loo in town, well that’s relieve-a-bull

Do you want to see the local cop do ya? – well he’s the const-a-bull

When you park your car do it carefully – make sure that it’s park-a-bull

It’s got, possibly, the best curry rolls in the world today

The RSA – trucks crashed into it repeatedly

At the – army – surplus store the old dude there is crazy

Hungry Bull – takeaway

It’s unbelieve-a-bulls x 2


The Info Centre will help you out – yeah they’re Inform-a-bull

The Town Hall is where you meet up – when you are Soci-a-bull

The Bank is Bank-a Bull, Real Estate Live-A Bull, Library Read-a-bull

Church – Forgive-a-bull,  Clothing Store – Fashion-A Bull

Medical Centre – Cure-a-bull

Rat Hole’s – the name – of the pub that’s there on the State Highway

Look either way – for life size bull statues

Pete and Andy – from The Block were born in the Rangitikei

It’s a town like no udder you’ll hear them say

It’s unbelieve-a-bulls