Mulls gets Bryce with a classic premature ejaculation gag

Vids 10/04/2017

We don't say this often (because it doesn't often happen) but Mulls was on cracker form this morning during the Rumble's monthly check-up with Dr John.

Mulls was reading questions of the text machine, but when Rog threw to him, the machine refreshed and he lost his list of Q's. So he did what most blokes would do in the situation - wing it - and ripped this off the top of that massive, melanoma-friendly dome.

And what a ripper it was.

A bit of backstory, if you hadn't heard Bryce bang on about it all last week. Bryce is off work because he had shoulder surgery last Thursday (miraculously, he did not die). We wish him a speedy recovery, mainly because he's currently punishing his poor wife Sharyn at home about how much pain he is in.

But until he returns, we'll continue to make fun of him when he's not there to defend himself.

You know what makes the joke even funnier (for us, not so much Bryce)? It's probably not too far from off truth.