Rog's 12-year-old daughter rips into him for being a shit dad

The Morning Rumble 06/06/2017

Dad would go into his office, and just go on his phone. And the rest of us are like 'Dad! Dad!' and he's like "no I'm on the phone". And he drinks a lot as well.

God this was insightful yarn about how one Roger Farrelly is at home with his kids.

Roger brought his 12-year-old daughter, Grace, to work on Friday because of a "teachers only" day. Which meant that poor young Grace had to hang around her dad's work because he was too cheap to organise a babysitter.

Bryce and Mulls thought it was the perfect opportunity to find out what Rog, the big dog of the Morning Rumble and The Rock, was like at home. Is he the same tight-arse, stingy, weird little creep that we see at work, or is he a complete different person?

Turns out, he's even worse at home.

Watch the video above and see what his kid daughter had to say about his parenting and fatherly ways. And we thought Mulls was the one with the drinking problem...