Bad Jim calls to play Radio Tinder with Rumble listener Rachel

The Morning Rumble 13/07/2017

Ahh Bad Jim, how we haven't missed you.

It's been a little while since we heard from the one of our dodgiest (but creepily hilarious) listeners, a man we'ved dubbed 'Bad Jim'.

We first discovered Bad Jim when he rang a few years ago, when he told us how he pretends to be someone else on Tinder to trick women into getting with him. And since then, he's become somewhat of a legend (of sorts).

Today, we had Rachel on the phone playing "Rinder" - radio tinder. The Rumble were looking a man to hook her up with.....and our old mate Jim must've been listening, because he called us straight away. he any different? Has he changed his ways, or still the same old creep he once was?

Definitely the latter.

Listen, and enjoy.