We've noticed Mulls gives zero f**ks when listeners are talking are on the phone

Shows 06/07/2017

Since putting 24/7 cameras in the the studio, we've picked up on a few things that would usually go amiss.

Picked noses. Beers in the studio. Rog staring at the office girls. You know, the usual.

But there is one thing that we've all cottoned on to, and we reckon some of you listeners have too. And it involves TV personality and Rumble not-so-newbie, Andrew Mulligan.

Ol' mate Mulls tends to forget that radio is no longer just an audio medium, and that everything they do and say is visually recorded. Which means every time he checks his phone, stares out the window, or just generally look disinterested - it's all captured on our cameras.

And we noticed this big-time yesterday, when Rumble listener Dave was trying to share his yarn about how he cheats the system and fucks around at work (how's that for irony).

So we thought we'd make Mulls aware of this, the only way we know - by calling him out in front of everyone and public shaming him.