Rog knocked himself out while vacuuming and cried like a little girl afterwards

The Morning Rumble 25/08/2017

We didn't think Rog could suffer a more embarrassing injury than the treadmill incident last year....until he opened his mouth and shared this yarn this morning.

On talking about the lamest ways you've knocked yourself out, Rog opened up about how he knocked himself out cold.....while furiously vacuuming.

Apparently the wee fella, who was hungover and angry he had to help around the house, didn't see a low-hanging shelf and smacked his noggin' right into it - causing him to black out.

How fucking funny is that - just imagine what it would've looked like.

It gets worse. After coming to, the pain was too great for New Zealand's hottest radio hunk, and he.....cried. Like a little girl. And had to be consoled by his two young daughters.

Man.....Roger.....good for you admitting this, but you've seriously lost some man points now.