Mulls has another life hack but Brad the boss shuts him down

The Morning Rumble 14/09/2017

Well, Mulls has yet another bloody life hack. Here we go again.

His life hack this week is simply being able to fit two bowls full of eggs inside a microwave. Yup, that's all. 

But it's not just the boys who have had enough of his lame life hacks, it's also the big dog Brad - who came into the studio to tell Mulls how he feels about the segment.

He not only told Mulls how shit he thought his life hack was but he completely shut him down from doing it anymore. You could just tell how devastated Mulls was about the whole thing.

But maybe it wasn't because he was being slammed by the Boss but because he won't be attending the Rock 1500 Countdown party as he is hosting some stupid metal sheets awards. 

Way to let the team down mate.