Turns out Jacinda Ardern loves listening to Metallica, Pantera and Tool and doing burnouts as much as you do

The Morning Rumble 05/09/2017

We reckon she just won over a few Rock votes with that line.

The Labour leader and Prime Minister hopeful Jacinda Ardern stopped by The Rock to yarn to Rog, Bryce and Jen ahead of her second debate - and she was on peak political form.

She led off the convo by talking about how she grew up in Morrinsville listening to Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Tool and Smashing Pumpkins, in between teaching her sister how to do burnouts. 

We did not expect to hear that.

Bryce tried to stump her with a few more curly questions, but she managed to dodge falling for any of his traps....which to be fair, is not the hardest of tasks.